A rare taste you can’t find anywhere

Where every flavor tells a story

Rendez-Vous Restaurant

With a sophisticated, inviting, and vibrant personality, we offer a contemporary twist on Gozitan and Mediterranean cuisine.

Chef Ayoub .B

Inspired by the simplicity of traditional cuisine

We create cherished memories

Boucherie offers its guests not just wonderful food, but a transporting experience. It is a piece of romantic old-world Italy on a fabled corner of Greenwich Village that makes you want to return over and over.

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Combining locally sourced ingredients with innovative culinary techniques and warm, attentive service, we strive to be the go-to destination for a memorable dining experience in the heart of Gozo

Hundreds of flavors under one roof

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We are perfectly positioned facing this historic church, creating an enchanting vista that resonates with the village's heritage.


Wednesday - Saturday 6PM - 10PM
Sunday 12PM - 3PM